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We are a long serving member of the Transport Association which is a collaborative group of around 60 family owned haulage businesses.

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The Transport Association

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The haulage sector in the UK was a nationalised industry up until 1954 and the Transport Association was born after denationalisation. The association is made up of 60 haulage companies and most of these are family owned, as is the case with PC Howard.

The association operates almost like a self-help group - it brings together the UK’s haulage operators and combines practical benefits with friendly discussion and collaboration. In an age of high technology systems which are now heavily utilised by haulage and logistics companies, the Transport Association still prides itself on communications with face to face dialogue where business experiences are shared and potential opportunities are recognised.

These core principles have served the association well for more than 50 years and we are committed to our membership and value its core principles.

In an age of sanitised communications and faceless e-mails, it is refreshing to be a member of an organisation where straight talking is the norm rather than the exception.

Our membership provides us with a number of useful benefits:

Improves market awareness
Helps develop new business opportunities
Review and implementation of regulatory changes
Helps to form better working practices

PC Howard believes that memberships are an important aspect of our business and networking through different organisations is a great way to improve knowledge and services. In this case, the Transport Association is no exception.

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