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We are an ISO 9001 accredited company and are constantly auditing and refining our procedures to offer our customers the best customer service possible.

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We are an ISO 9001 accredited business

If you are looking to "add value" to your distribution or supply chain network, you will be looking for a transport partner which can offer the highest levels of quality and customer care.

PC Howard Ltd are an ISO 9001 registered company. This means that our quality systems are constantly being measured, reviewed, refined and improved. Our aim is to be the best local provider of Distribution and Warehousing Services and our commitment to quality helps to facilitate this.

The framework of our quality partnerships is based around seven main principles:

Network Performance

Why is ISO9001 Accreditation so important?

Quality systems tend to be implemented in companies in two different ways. Those who work to the principles of the standard and those that are formally registered.

As a registered business, the company is regularly assessed and audited to ensure that:

the company remains compliant
that the company is looking for continued areas of improvement

In other words, a registered company is always looking to improve it's quality systems to promote operational benefits for our customers by ensuring we get our service right first time. Thereby it enables us to enhance the quality service to the customer.

Our quality system is a key aspect of our business, it ensures everyone is clear of our procedures that are designed to delivery the highest possible quality of service. We are also regularly audited by our assessor , this is an important benefit of the system , as it means that an external body checks our systems to ensure that we are all complying with our procedures but that those procedures are robust in enabling us to achieve our quality aspects.

PC Howard Ltd is an ISO9001 registered company. Our quality system is continually measured, reviewed and improved upon. Therefore, you should have peace of mind that our business does everything possible to ensure that every quality aspect of our business is applied in the best possible way.

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