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We are members of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) who are an authority which serves the entire UK retail sector including supply chain members.

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About our BRC Registration

Our registration endorses our commitment to the retail sector

PC Howard Ltd recognises that BRC membership is an important aspect of our business. Our Managing Director of PC Howard Limited, Andrew Howard, sums up our registration in an interview given recently to the The Business Times…

“Registration with BRC was an important step forward and is a reflection of the systems and procedures that we have in place and we are now building on that. The registration not only affects our distribution operations but more importantly our warehouse operations, where services like the portal play a key role in our ongoing mission to improve customer satisfaction.”

Our BRC registration affords us numerous member benefits.

BRC offers members an extensive knowledge base
We use this knowledge to refine and improve our services in the retail sector
BRC offers legal services to assist with disputes and claims
BRC also provide support for retail related events
Networking is also an important part of the membership giving us access to retailers, operators and even Government departments

As a leading logistics company serving the retail sector, our registration with BRC provides us with the support and added insight to perform at an even higher standard.

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