We can receive your delivery requirements directly into our systems using electronic data interchange (EDI).

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Freight EDI

Receiving your freight bookings directly

We are able to provide our customers with a flexible way in which you communicate with us with details of your distribution needs. This includes details of when your goods are ready to be collected and where from, and where and when you wish them to be delivered.

Ideally this will be by 'EDI', [Electronic Data Interchange] where by our systems can talk to our customers systems and automatically receive and dispatch data - this removes the risk of human error when data is transcribed from one system to the next. It also ensures that our systems simply become an extension of your own systems providing in essence a totally seamless and uninterrupted service. As with all systems where confidential data is being transferred from one site to another, the process is secure.

As part of this process, all of our drivers have hands-free smart phones where they can receive their instructions electronically but more importantly, update our system at each stage of the delivery process.

The importance of using EDI cannot be underestimated. It's use minimises errors, drastically cuts down on administration costs and puts your requirements to us quickly and efficiently. EDI is also scalable which means that if you have only a few consignments at a time or many thousands, the principle is largely the same.

Emphasis on Investment

PC Howard Ltd continually invests in high technology systems to make it easy for our customers to deal with us. We can talk to your IT people and agree a format under which all your requirements are handled electronically.

Once tested and the integrity of the data is evaluated and approved, the system process can begin almost immediately. Communication in this way promotes a seamless service where your bookings are transmitted to us electronically, even on a hourly basis.

This in turn reduces your administritive costs and overheads.

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