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Our freight booking services and give you the ability to organise your delivery with us in advance with our free, pre-booking service.

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Freight Bookings

Book a freight delivery with PC Howard

PC Howard Limited is known for its flexibility and our services are specifically geared to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible

We find that many consignees now want their goods booking in for a pre-agreed delivery time - this is something that your team can do but we also offer a free booking in service - we can take this additional burden off your hands.

Delivery at your convenience

Affording the ability to pre-book your delivery means that your dispatch of your consignment can be arranged in advance and on a day and time to suit you. And at PC Howard Ltd we have systems in place to make this service a simple task.

Booking Options

There are so many options available to you and it depends on your requirements. For more traditional haulage we offer full load, part loads and Groupage transports via our dedicated transport fleet. Booking in advance will afford you numerous benefits including potential for consignments to be delivered via a schedule if required.

You could also consider enquiring about return loads or something we call 'back haul' - we send vehicles around the UK on a daily basis and in the case of full loads, often these vehicles return to base empty. You may be able to get your goods on the return journey and this is more cost effective since we have to make the trip anyway! Why not ask our booking team for more information.

Whether your advanced booking is for tradional freight of palletised consignment, our free freight booking service is designed specifically to make life easier for you.

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