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Having the ability for systems to talk to each between companies saves time, improves accuracy and minimises errors.

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Warehouse EDI Systems

Processing orders electronically

PC Howard Limited has its own EDI system (electronic data interchange), which not only takes your requirements but also feeds them directly into our warehousing system.

Automated Processing

This automated process has immediate benefits especially if you are customer looking for regular deliveries to different locations. Our technical team can talk to you about your requirements and we can work with you to ensure that your system can talk to ours. In effect our EDI system becomes a natural extension of your own system – solutions are scalable dependent on the size of your business and your requirements, and data transferred to us is secure.

Speeding up the Process

The other added benefit in the process is speed. We will accurately receive your requirements in a matter of seconds and are immediately alerted to their presence thereby ensuring that your goods are processed and dispatched to their designated destinations as soon as possible.

This also enables you to accept orders later for picking and despatching the same day, and can give our customers a competitive advantage.

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