Product Reworking

PC Howard offers a product reworking service as part of our complete third party logistics solutions for UK and overseas customers.

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Product Reworking - a typical scenario

An overseas based business is looking to distribute products throughout the UK which are shipped to third party logistics provider in bulk.

Their UK clients have different packaging requirements and therefore the products need to be reworked before they are shipped to their destination.

What can we do?

Split and repackage
Shrink wrapping
Remove and replace product labelling
Create and apply bar code labels
Palletise the goods

With dedicated systems and three main distribution warehouses to choose from, we have considerable experience in reworking products for re-distribution.

Customised Solutions

As part of our services we can also offer a customised solution for your business. We will work with you and utilise our expertise to formulate a logistics plan effectively store and transport your goods.

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